Rent-a-Car Services in Oman

  • Mazda2 1.5Ltr Auto Transmission
  • Mazda3 1.6Ltr Auto Transmission
  • Mazda6 2.0Ltr Auto Transmission
  • Mitsubishi Pajero 3.5Ltr Auto Transmission GLX
  • Toyota Prado 2.7Ltr Auto Transmission
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 4.0Ltr G9 Auto Transmission
  • MazdaCX9 3.7Ltr Auto Transmission 7 seater AWD
  • Nissan Armada 5.6Ltr Ltr Auto Transmission 4×4
  • Nissan Petrol 5.5Ltr Ltr Auto Transmission 4×4


Terms & Conditions:

1) The price quoted above within the geographical territory of Sultanate of Oman.The vehicle quoted above shall be with following terms and conditions.

2) Fuel shall be supplied by you.

3) Vehicles to be serviced at regular intervals as per manufacturers standards.

4) Mileage 200 KMS per day, Excess Mileage if any, will be charged at 0.050 bzs per Km above the specified mileage at the end of the contract period.

5) Insurance excess shall be charged at R.O 100/- in case of an accident.

6) Payment terms shall be as per Lessor’s credit policy.

7) Replacement vehicle shall be provided in case of breakdown, maintenance and accident.



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