AFAQ Travel & Tourism LLC have envisaged a sustainable travel and tourism wing to our discerning clientele through AFAQ Travel & Tourism. We help travelers to travel more and to make their dreams a reality- for the one who wish to experience the world in its totality.

We offer our travelers more time to explore the world by ensuring them the best a travel house can offer. You won’t have to spend your valuable time figuring out things. We offer you the best travel packages internationally at domestic prices and domestically with international flair to make you acclimated and immersed into the ancient and cultural cities whilst our expert Tour Directors give you the interesting insight and stories that bring meaning to where you are! AFAQ Travel & Tourism empowers our travelers with value for money while building a treasure of unforgettable memories.

We offer a complete, orderly and harmonious program tailor-made to every personal need. Our tour packages are combined with sightseeing and the continental meals plus a dynamic blend of transportation with clean and comfortable pre-selected hotels for your comfort and relaxation.