Duration: 6 days
Location: OMAN
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First day

Gathering and start our journey to WadiShap.Reaching around 11am we will start walk along the wadi, swimming and making some lunch. Around 2pm return back to the 4×4 cars where we have to move to Salma area to construct our camp at the top of the mountain.Reaching around 5pm we will alow us to make the camp and start making our own dinner.

Second day

After breakfast touring around Salma area bythe 4×4 and visits are ancient cemetery. Then go down from the other side of the mountain to Wadi Nam.Prepare lunch and go ahead to Alsharquiah Sand where we will start camping and prepare for some fun activities and rest.At the night will prepare dinner, have some night activities and rest.

Third day

After breakfast walk on the sands with camel riding exploring the beauty of the desert.After preparing lunch we will start practice some of Bedouin crafts and professions.

Example  : Girls learn how to henna inscription || Boys learn how to make bread on hot coals

At the night will prepare dinner and have some fun activities and rest.

Fourth day

After breakfast heading to Nizwa and on arrival we will visit Nizwa Castle and the tradistonalNizwa old souq.After that we will have lunch in Falaj Dares Park and prepare to go to Bahla where we will stay in the Heritage Village Resort.On arrival we will have some rest and practice horse riding.

Fifth Day

After breakfast we will go to the pottery factory and practice the profession of pottery-making.Moving to Misfat Al Abriyeen on the top of the mountain to have some walk along the mountain farms and wonderful view and traditional life of Misfat Al Abriyeen.After that we will move to Birkat Al Sharaf camping area prepare our lunch and have some rest.After that we will have some fun activities and gathering and to prepare our dinner and take rest after a long journey.

Sixth day

Back to Muscat heading to the old traditional MatrahSouq start shopping.After lunch in Muscat restaurant finish our journey.